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"Houses for Change" Lets Kids Make a Difference

"Houses for Change" is an innovative, educational arts and crafts project for kids, sponsored by Family Promise, to raise awareness and funds to help homeless families. It offers congregations, schools and other organizations a “teachable moment” regarding the causes and effects of homelessness -- and provides a hands-on opportunity for participants to make a difference

"Houses for Change" answers the question, “What can I do to help end homelessness?” Children decorate plain boxes to look like houses and take their boxes home and in the following weeks fill them with loose change. At a selected date, for example Thanksgiving, Easter, the end of the year or end of the school year, families bring their filled boxes back to the participating organization for a communal donation to fight family homelessness.

This is not only a fundraiser.  "Houses for Change" is an opportunity to teach children about homelessness and the value of charitable giving. It can be incorporated in fundraising events, holiday activities, educational programs and days of community service. It provides local news media with a human interest story – kids helping homeless kids.

"Houses for Change" was conceived of by Mark Wasserman, the Family Promise Coordinator at B’nai Torah Congregation, one of the hosting congregations with Family Promise of South Palm Beach. And special thanks are due to Chris Locke, who donated much of his time to design the program’s web pages.

Everything needed to organize this project is available on the Family Promise website. Just click on the "Houses for Change" promo box on the left side of the home page.