Board of Directors (2017)

Angela Schroeder,  Chair   (Independent, Voting)
Community Leader

Cassandra A. Hardman, Vice Chair  (Independent, Voting)
Co-Managing Partner, Head of International & Global Strategies, Johnston Asset Management

Claas Ehlers, President  (Non-Voting)
President of Family Promise

Richard Vicens, Treasurer  (Independent, Voting)
President, Olympus Power

Neely Dodge,  Secretary  (Independent, Voting)
Community Leader

Nadim Ahmed, (Independent, Voting)
President, Hematology & Oncology Franchise, Celgene Corporation

Kevin Barrett, (Independent, Voting)
Executive Vice President, Change Healthcare, and President, Altegra Health

AJ Cass  (Independent, Voting)
Managing Director, Susquehanna International Group

Carmine Di Sibio  (Independent, Voting)
Vice Chair and Managing Partner, Financial Services, Ernst & Young

Regina Feeney  (Independent, Voting)
Community Leader

David Fleck  (Independent, Voting)
Chief Strategy Officer, Disqus

Leah Griffith  (Independent, Voting)
Managing Partner, Watts Consulting

Edwin J. Hagerty  (Independent, Voting)
Managing Director, Petro Capital Group

Cary Hardy  (Independent, Voting)
Senior Attorney with Bourne, Noll & Kenyon

Robert J. Hugin  (Independent, Voting)
President and Chief Executive Officer, Celgene Corporation

Sig Huitt  (Independent, Voting)
Senior Counselor, Carolina Public Relations/Chernoff Newman

Stacey Slater Sacks  (Independent, Voting)
Pro Bono Partner, Nixon Peabody

Eileen Serra  (Independent, Voting)
Senior Advisor, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Dan Tinkoff  (Independent, Voting)
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Mary Weger  (Independent, Voting)
Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Medidata

Martin Wise, (Independent, Voting)
CEO, RelPro, Inc.


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