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Here is how you can help families today:

*First, find your nearest Family Promise Affiliate*
-Order a meal to be delivered to your nearest Affiliate
-Arrange grocery store delivery of needed food and household items to your nearest Affiliate
-Send e-gift cards to local pharmacies, grocery stores, or food delivery services to your nearest Affiliate
-Donate cleaning supplies to your nearest Affiliate

Use your platform to help families in need:

Download these graphics and share on your social media
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Here is how your donation will make a difference today:

$10 = Laundry detergent to keep a family’s clothes clean.
$20 = A bottle of sanitizer and a package of disinfecting wipes to clean shelters.
$50 = One month’s supply of children’s acetaminophen.
$100 = A tablet to allow a child access to remote learning during the pandemic.
$200 = One month’s worth of food for families with limited access to markets.
$520 = One month’s worth of rideshares so a parent can travel to work & not risk exposure.
$1,200 = Rental assistance for a family of five to remain housed during the pandemic.
$5,000 = One month of case management and help finding housing for 10-12 families.

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