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In year two of our partnership, HUMI engaged ten additional Family Promise Affiliates in prevention and stabilization programs to ensure children are “Homeless No More.” A truly innovative approach, the HUMI partnership encourages community support for homelessness prevention services while raising awareness about the crisis of family homelessness. 22 Family Promise Affiliates have received HUMI funds since 2016, serving more than 1,000 families, including nearly 2,500 children.

The two-year protocol gives Affiliates time to implement effective homelessness prevention services and solidify commitment to the program within the community.  After two years, Affiliates are able to sustain homelessness prevention services independently and also have the capability to expand programming.

HUMI has pledged $1 million to Family Promise in the form of a matching grant to implement homelessness prevention at 100 Affiliates across the country.

Read more about the partnership here.

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