A selection of downloadable infographics created by Family Promise on poverty and homelessness in America.

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Impact of Homelessness on Children

Homelessness has significant impacts on children.

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America's Eviction Crisis

Nearly 1 million people were evicted from their homes in 2016.

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Impact - 2018

Family Promise volunteers change lives nationwide.

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What if?

Family Promise engages 200,000 volunteers nationwide.

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We triple your donation

Any money donated to Family Promise returns $3 in goods and services.

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Affordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing is, by far, the primary cause of families becoming homeless. Manufactured housing is an affordable option for low-and moderate-income families. Family Promise's Partners in Housing program creates a path for families from homelessness to homeownership.

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Child Homelessness by state

Nearly half of children served by emergency/transitional housing providers in 2015 were age 5 or younger, critical developmental years for building the foundation for future learning, behavior, and health. This map shows the critical need for resources and services nationwide.

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Rising Housing Costs

Permanent, affordable housing is essential for ending homelessness. It is also the platform from which critical services can be accessed. But the average renter's wage is not keeping up with the national housing wage. Low income families are paying the price in this unrelenting equation--35% of the homeless population in the U.S. is comprised of families with children.

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Family Promise Tree

Family Promise addresses family homelessness comprehensively--through prevention, shelter, and stabilization.

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Pets with a Promise 2017 mid-year report

This innovative collaboration between Family Promise and PetSmart Charities allows families--including four-legged members--to stay together when they need each other most.

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Classroom challenges

Children experiencing homelessness face extraordinary challenges every day.

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Cost of childcare

In most of America, childcare costs more than in-state college tuition.

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Cumulative value

Family Promise engages communities nationwide. The cumulative impact is amazing.

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Homeless children

The number of school-age homeless children in America continues to rise.

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How many children are homeless?

Millions of children's lives in this country are defined by poverty and homelessness.

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Risk of homelessness

With no safety net, homelessness can be one misfortune away.

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Payday loans

Inadequate incomes have made payday loans a booming business.

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Surprise bill

Nearly half of America simply can't afford an unexpected expense.

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