Interfaith Youth Core

interfaith-youth-coreIFYC partners with more than 300 colleges and universities around the country to promote interfaith cooperation as a social norm.  Through the promotion of religious pluralism, they believe that American college students, supported by their campuses, can be the interfaith leaders needed to make religion a bridge and not a barrier.

Each campus has a point-person at IFYC who is dedicated to supporting that campus’s progress in interfaith work through coaching and resource sharing, most often through ongoing contact with a staff and/or faculty person on campus.   Many of the campus partners IFYC works with are interested in bringing interfaith work outside of the campus and into the community, and IFYC will make introductions to campus partners who may be interested in developing a relationship with Family Promise Affiliates.

These partnerships lead to broader interfaith understanding, active engagement from the college community, education about family homelessness and additional volunteers.

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