Mitchell Petit-Frere

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Before Mitch left for college, he told his family he was going to become an orthopedic surgeon, but he knew deep down Dr. Petit-Frere was never going to become a reality. Especially considering he could barely pass anatomy in high school. He wound up studying English and journalism and spent three years working at his university’s newspaper.

Graduating with a masters degree in international communications, he was unsure about his post-grad life path. Without a traditional plan in place, he remained open to any and all opportunities: freelance writing, working as a camera operator, teaching an undergraduate communications course and becoming an interim residence director at his alma mater’s campus in Paris, France.

His journey eventually led him to Family Promise where he found an exciting opportunity to help grow the digital footprint of an organization whose mission he feels strongly about.

Outside of work, Mitch is probably playing, watching, writing about, or reading about soccer.

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