Family Promise's

Racial Justice Council

It is impossible to separate systemic and structural racism from the reality that people of color, and Black people in particular, are disproportionately affected by homelessness and poverty. The Family Promise Racial Justice Council was formed to ensure we address racial equity issues in our work at all levels. The Council is comprised of Family Promise community members from across the country.



Nora Ali
Former Board Vice-Chair, Family Promise of Greater Denver
“I joined the Racial Justice Council to provide tools and strategies for the Family Promise community to engage in issues involving racial and ethnic diversity so that we can provide the best care for our families and make them feel at home.”

Jeff Armstrong
Executive Director, Family Promise of the Midlands
“The Racial Justice Council provides a platform to have real discussions, and take the necessary actions in Family Promise’s fight for equitable opportunities for all. It has been a personal mission to use my voice to be a cultural broker. As someone who experienced poverty and racism at a young age, I am thankful that the RJC exists to improve outcomes for the families we serve, and to educate all of our stakeholders on the importance of racial justice.”

Marissa Commey
Manager of Community Engagement, Family Promise of Hawaii
I joined the Racial Justice Council because I saw that Family Promise was committed to continuing the work of truly being an anti-racist organization. I hope to contribute and learn from the RJC and our community at large so we can all be more compassionate, connected, and impactful in our service.

E’tienne Easley
Director of Development, Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga
“It is my hope in working with the Racial Justice Council that I help to create an equitable community among Family Promise Affiliates that will extend into the communities we serve. To do this work, I want to disseminate relative information that will heighten awareness, increase knowledge, and address structural racism living within the attitudes, institutions, and structures built to dehumanize and permanently silence African Americans and people of color.”

Claas Ehlers

Claas Ehlers
Chief Executive Officer, Family Promise
“Structural racism underlies homelessness in the United States. We have to address it in every initiative we take, in the way we work, in the messages we give. The RJC is a foundational step toward Family Promise orienting anti-racism in its work.”

Carolyn Gordon

Carolyn Gordon
Regional Director (Northeast), Family Promise
“Our work of serving families experiencing homelessness is inextricably linked with racial justice. I look forward to elevating the racial equity work of Family Promise and providing guidance, resources, and tools to Affiliates. We will create space in which Black families, staff, and volunteers have power that improve the outcomes for all families served.”

Nakeshia Hedrick
Executive Director, Family Promise of Greater Lafayette
“I am committed to helping Family Promise hold true to its community-based approach in addressing difficult but important topics like, poverty, homelessness, and racial injustice. As a part of the RJC, I hope to offer insight, voice, fact, and action to address the ugly truth of injustice and inequity that disproportionately and adversely affect Black, Indigenous, and people of color.”

Armilla Moore
Executive Director, Family Promise of Pickens County
“So many people are afraid to talk about race in the workplace. This can impact relationships between leadership and employees. No matter how difficult the conversation is, we have to talk. When we have the conversations, we can identify the issues and begin to make change. Family Promise’s Racial Justice Committee takes on the tough issues. By sharing experiences and views, we can find ways to help people be brave, have the tough conversations, and positively influence our future as a diverse organization.”

Mitch Petit-Frere

Mitchell Petit-Frere
Creative Content Manager, Family  Promise
“Black Americans only make up 13% of the U.S. population but account for nearly 40% of the country’s homeless population. This is the result of centuries of racism. I hope my work on the Racial Justice Council helps educate Family Promise community members nationwide on the role systemic racism plays in the lives of the non-white families we serve.”

Amber Young

Amber Young
Director of Volunteer Engagement, Family  Promise
“As a member of the Racial Justice Council, I hope to support the Black families we serve by openly discussing racial inequality and actively taking steps towards combating systemic racism. The RJC is committed to providing guidance and support to Family Promise as they continue on their DEIA journey.”

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