Virtual Volunteer Training

As a Family Promise volunteer, you’re joining more than 200,000 volunteers across the country working with children and families experiencing homelessness. Thank you!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

About Our Virtual Volunteer Training

As part of our commitment to Affiliates and their volunteers, Family Promise has teamed up with Capgemini to create a volunteer training series with the goal of equipping volunteers for their work with guest families. This video series prepares volunteers, both at host sites and in Day Centers, because whether you’re sharing a meal or a life-skill, your gift of time changes lives of children and their families experiencing homelessness.

Each module is between 5 and 8 minutes long. Volunteers are asked to view each module then complete a brief assessment, after viewing all of them. Each video covers a specific aspect of volunteer engagement.

In these videos, you will hear from Guest Advisory Council (GAC) members who share their experience, as past guests, and from their current work with Affiliates. These interviews were filmed at our National Conference in 2019, as part of a project to document their stories. Because of the personal nature of the content, we chose to film in a casual setting, rather than a formal sound studio. As a result, you may notice that there are moments of variable sound quality which is why we’ve supplied subtitles.

The following Guest Advisory Council members were interviewed for these videos:

Rebecca Esparza

Sarah Jackson

Yusuf Kalule

Kat Lilley

Theresa Pinger


Family Promise is the nation’s leading non-profit working with financially fragile families and families experiencing homelessness. This video introduces the rest of the training series.

Module 1: Who Are You Preparing to Welcome?

Volunteers often want to know about the guest families they will meet. This module helps volunteers connect with who they are preparing to welcome, at their host site or in a workshop setting.

Module 2: Welcome!

Family Promise strives to provide guest families with a welcoming environment because losing a home is traumatic. This module focuses on how to best offer that hospitality to our guest families.

Module 3: Dinner: Setting the Table for Success

Dinner time can be a challenging time for guest families and volunteers, as there can sometimes be a set of expectations by both parties which may not be realistic. This module helps you understand the guest perspective during dinner time.

Module 4: Parenting Perspectives: Raising Awareness, Creating Balance

Parenting can be a sticky topic for both guest families and volunteers. This module will help volunteers navigate some of those situations.

Module 5: Boundaries Build Beautiful Experiences

Sometimes volunteers feel compelled to share things with guest families which are not appropriate, such as money or personal stories. While often well-intentioned, over-sharing can have an unintended negative consequence. The module helps volunteers build boundaries, to assure everyone has the best experience possible.

Parenting can be a sticky topic for both guest families and volunteers. This module will help volunteers navigate some of those situations.

Thank You Capgemini

Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, business, and technology, has created and fine-tuned these videos with the support of Family Promise Staff and the Guest Advisory Council. These tools are part of a larger partnership with Capgemini and have been provided pro bono. We greatly appreciate Capgemini’s support and the efforts of its many employees in the US and internationally who volunteered their time and talent to create these videos.


Volunteer Training Review

Thank you for watching this virtual volunteer training series. Once you’ve completed this online assessment, your Affiliate will be notified that you’re ready for volunteering!

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