What Would You Choose?

Issues in this session

Poverty, poverty awareness, women in poverty, single moms in poverty,  


Families struggling to get out of poverty face uphill battles every day. Often, the choices that they hope will take them forward take them nowhere or drag them backwards to even worse circumstances.

The Process

This is the second of two poverty simulation exercises in Just Neighbors. The other is Making Ends Meet.

The session begins by listening to an audio CD as Annie tells her story: their plans as a family, shattered by her husband’s job loss and his eventual abandonment of Annie and their two children. She is now faced with making some difficult decisions. Does she move to a less expensive neighborhood with inferior schools, or does she invite a roommate to share expenses?

Participants are asked to “step into Annie’s shoes” and take on her situation. Working with a partner, they read about the different choices Annie has to make. Annie has narrowed them down to two choices in each case. You make the decisions as if you were Annie, not as someone offering advice to Annie.

Participants will experience some of the tough decision making but also the emotions facing Annie: frustration, anger, depression, resignation or despair.

Eight, green “What Would You Choose” booklets are provided in a Just Neighbors ToolKit, enough for eight groups of three participants. Additional booklets are available if you order additional components.

What Would You Choose, consistently ranks as one of the most popular and effective of the Just Neighbors sessions.

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Listen to Annie’s story here. You can continue on to complete the session!

People remember only 20% of what they hear, only 50% of what they hear and see, but 90% of what they say and do. That’s why we’ve designed Just Neighbors to be interactive.

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