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Carolyn Cherwon with Cabot CEO Dr. Richard Stammer


Cabot’s donations of goods and its recognition of Family Promise Affiliates and volunteers through its Cabot Celebrity program has enabled this small collective of Vermont and New York farmers to address family homelessness nationally.  Beyond their generous donations, Cabot annually awards selected volunteers nationwide with their “Cabot Community Celebrity Award!”  Carolyn Cherwon, a volunteer with Family Promise of Beaufort County (SC), won a Caribbean cruise with 34 other volunteers, and shared her thoughts:



“I am so amazed that a group of 1200 dairy farmers in New England who own a cooperative want to spend their hard-earned money to recognize individual volunteers from across the United States with an all-expenses-paid vacation cruise for two, while they are back at home in the cold weather taking care of their dairy cows. The folks at the Cabot Creamery Cooperative believe so much that the future of our communities can be made better through individual volunteer efforts, that they are committed to recognizing those volunteers who do the work to make our communities a better place.  I only hope the good feelings and personal rewards that come from volunteering grow and spread.”

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