Who We Are

Family Promise began as a local response to the crisis of family homelessness in Union County, New Jersey. More than 30 years later, we’re a national movement with a presence in almost every state and serving nearly a quarter of a million people a year.

We develop innovative solutions and form strategic partnerships in communities across the country to best meet the needs of the families who come to us. We’re a national organization making a local impact, and our collective impact is tremendous.

But the core of what we do is still local—partnerships within a city or county changing lives. Family Promise makes that possible by developing and supporting Affiliates that address family homelessness right in their own community.

Over the past three decades, Family Promise has continued to expand our scope and our reach. Today, we’re the leading nonprofit addressing the crisis of family homelessness with a network that extends across the country.

78 percent of families in our shelter program exit to stable housing


Our Story

Family Promise was founded in 1986 by Karen Olson. In the three decades since, we have grown from a rotational shelter program in Union County, New Jersey, to a national network that serves families nationwide through multiple shelter, prevention, and stabilization programs.


Our Purpose

Family Promise allows communities to develop comprehensive, holistic solutions for families facing homelessness. Families come to us in crisis; our approach of coordinated compassion helps them rebuild their lives with new skills and ongoing support to prepare them for a successful future.


Our Team


Our dynamic team is passionate about solving the issue of family homelessness. We strive to elevate voices of families with lived experience.

Board member Alex English


Our national board bears influence as community leaders and professionals representing numerous companies nationally with expertise in diverse fields.

Hope Johnson and her family


Our committees and councils work with staff to provide an expansion of opportunities and resources and magnify the work of the organization.


Our partners offer resources and people power to change the future for families in America. Authentic partnerships involve meaningful philanthropy, in-kind donations, and employee engagement. Together, we create homelessness prevention programs, transitional housing, single family homes, and most important of all: community.

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