Our committees and councils work with staff to provide an expansion of opportunities and resources and magnify the work of the organization. The committees engage diverse stakeholders including board members, Affiliate leaders, volunteers, and graduates.


The Family Promise Affiliate Council is comprised of a diverse and talented group of Affiliate leaders. These Executive Directors will assist in developing the programs, policies, and procedures that enable Affiliates to best empower families and mobilize volunteers, both now and in the years to come. As with the Guest Advisory Council, we believe this constituent engagement is critical to our aspirations to be the leader on the issue of family homelessness.

Family Promise Spokane
Spokane, WA

Family Promise of the Coastal Empire
Savannah, GA

Family Promise MetroWest
Natick, MA

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley
Billings, MT



Family Promise of Montco, PA
Ambler, PA

Family Promise of South Sarasota County
Venice, FL

Family Promise of Davie County
Mocksville, NC

Family Promise North Shore Boston
Beverly, MA


Family Promise of Lycoming County
Williamsport, PA

Family Promise of Waukesha County
Wales, WI

Family Promise of Lawrence
Lawrence, KS

Family Promise of Brevard
Rockledge, FL


Family Promise of the Mid-Willamette Valley
Salem, OR

Family Promise of Hendricks County
Plainfield, IN

Family Promise of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI




The Family Promise Guest Advisory Council (GAC) is comprised of graduate guests of Affiliates across the country. The GAC is drawn upon for advocacy efforts, public relations, the development of initiatives, and the formation of policy for Affiliates.

Alexandra Boudreau

Alexandra Boudreau

Alexandra had been fighting the battle of addiction for most of her adolescence and into her adult years, resulting in homelessness and her daughter, Sophia, being placed into foster care. On February 10th, 2017, she was given an opportunity to regain custody of her daughter if she entered the Family Promise of Shenandoah County Program. During her time in the program, she was able to rebuild her relationship with her daughter, learn life skills, and finally gain independence from her addiction.

Alexandra is now almost 5 years sober and works as the Rural Programs Manager for Strength In Peers. She is able to work with those seeking recovery and offer them hope, support, and advocacy. She started volunteering for Family Promise after graduating from the program and continues to do so to this day. Additionally, she is a speaker for FPSC sharing her experience, strength, and hope, at most of their celebrations and fundraisers.

Kenyal Braswell

Kenyal Braswell

Kenyal is a 2017 graduate of Family Promise Davie County (NC). Due to family issues and financial stress, she found herself and her three toddlers enrolling in Family Promise of Davie County’s shelter program. Kenyal’s family was the first to enroll in this affiliate’s program. Through hard work, guidance, and prayer, Kenyal is now on the fast track to the career she's always wanted, and her family is in a stable environment. She helps her local Family Promise when needed, distributes hygiene supplies to an area men’s shelter, and drops off meals to those in need in her community.

Kenyal hopes her involvement with the GAC helps her make a bigger impact in her community and helps weaken the gap between homelessness and stability.

Rebecca Esparza

Rebecca Esparza

As a former graduate of Family Promise of Lawrence (KS), homelessness became a defining moment in the restoration process of her life. Since her time with Family Promise, Rebecca has received her social work degree from the University of Kansas and is currently pursuing her MSW. Her goal is to use her experience and education to move forward the cause of social justice for at-risk people.

“I want to help others with whom I have shared experiences. I believe that the most valuable asset given to me by Family Promise is the relationships that continue to exist, the mentorship that still takes place, and the help I have received in many areas of my life when I have needed it. I want to pay it forward.”

Syri Gerstner

Syri Gerstner

Syri leads the Graduate program at Family Promise of Greater Phoenix (AZ). She is a member of the Board of Directors and the CQI committee for Save the Family.

She and her two young daughters were previous guests in 2012, when she and her girls lost their apartment. With the grace of God and the helping hand up from Family Promise, she was able to grab a foothold on normalcy, complete her college degree, and purchase a home her children could call their own. Topping it all off, by joining the team that called her and her children “family” in 2014, they have come full circle.

“By becoming a Family Promise employee, volunteering at other organizations throughout the Valley, and stepping into the Guest Advisory Council, I’ve had the chance to give back to the community. Family Promise was the next logical step in my life evolving for the better and for my hopes of changing other lives in the process.”

Sarah Jackson (In Memoriam)

Sarah Jackson (In Memoriam)

Sarah had been a part of Family Promise for over 9 years. She first came to Family Promise in 2011 after losing her job and her home. After graduating from the program, Sarah found a new job, continued her education, and found what she thought was unattainable — a peaceful, stable place home for her and her family. Sarah went on to serve as board chair for Family Promise of Gwinnett County and was a tireless advocate, mentor, and volunteer.
Sarah Jackson died on September 7, 2020. Many Family Promise staff, board members, guests, graduates, and volunteers were touched by her influence and wisdom in helping shape national policy and direction. She had profound impact as a member of the GAC and we miss her and cherish her memory

Crystal Hays

Crystal Hays

Crystal and her family graduated from Family Promise of Lawrence (KS) in September 2015. In June of that year, Crystal and her husband were not stable and doubled up between friends’ and families’ houses. When a family member suggested they call Family Promise for assistance, Crystal and her husband took the advice to heart. As a family of 5, they entered into programming while the two older children came to visit when they could. In September 2015, Crystal and her family moved into stable housing and have continued to strengthen their ties with Family Promise.

Crystal is now a full-time Family Service Advocate for Family Promise of Lawrence and facilitates the Graduate Advisory Panel. Crystal is excited to be a part of the National Graduate Council.

Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson

Hope is a 2010 graduate of Family Promise Hunterdon County (NJ). She was forced to stop working due to a health issue and, as a result, she and Olivia, her one-year-old daughter found themselves without a home.

Through hard work and perseverance, Hope is now a solutions manager at a Verizon wireless corporate store. She has welcomed a new baby, James, to the family. She volunteers both with the national office as well as her local Affiliate. Hope currently lives in Alexandria, New Jersey.

“I believe that Family Promise has given me an opportunity to make a better life for myself and children. I believe giving back to others is the sincerest way of thanking them. Becoming a part of the Advisory Council is a chance to give back to others the way Family Promise gave to me.”

Kai Miller

Kai Miller

Kai and her family were participants in the Family Promise shelter program in 2018. Since graduating from the program, she has been an active volunteer, committee member, and board member for Family Promise Rochester.

Her heart for people and hearts-desire to be a catalyst for change in her community has led to her current position as Volunteer and Family Services Coordinator. In this role, Kai's focus is to recruit, orient and manage volunteers, as well as provide life skills opportunities and activities for program participants.

When not at work, Kai enjoys exploring her hometown of Rochester, MN with her family, and cuddling with her cat at home.

Theresa Pinger

Theresa Pinger

Theresa continues to give back to her Affiliate in different ways. She volunteers, creates affirmation posters for Affiliate coordinators, and fundraises for Christmas gifts and opportunities for other guest families.

“Family Promise has changed my life continuously over the past three years. Thanks to this organization, I have grown to be an advocate for youth and families facing homelessness, but I have also grown to be a more open-minded and understanding individual overall. As a GAC member, I hope that I am able to give back to Family Promise, as well as help others understand the reality and urgency of the problem of homelessness in the United States.”


It is impossible to separate systemic and structural racism from the reality that people of color, and Black people in particular, are disproportionately affected by homelessness and poverty.The Family Promise Racial Justice Council was formed to ensure we address racial equity issues in our work at all levels. The Council is comprised of Family Promise community members from across the country.

Jeff Armstrong

Executive Director, Family Promise of the Midlands

Jeff Armstrong

“The Racial Justice Council provides a platform to have real discussions, and take the necessary actions in Family Promise’s fight for equitable opportunities for all. It has been a personal mission to use my voice to be a cultural broker. As someone who experienced poverty and racism at a young age, I am thankful that the RJC exists to improve outcomes for the families we serve, and to educate all of our stakeholders on the importance of racial justice.”

Beth Bojarski

Manager of Development & Community Engagement, Family Promise of Greater Rochester

Beth Bojarski

I hope to learn how to be an ally and accomplice to my colleagues of color and the families we assist, to build resilience as an anti-racist, and to engage and inspire other white volunteers, donors, and Family Promise staff to do the same."

Marissa Commey

Manager of Community Engagement, Family Promise of Hawaii

Marissa Commey

“I joined the Racial Justice Council because I saw that Family Promise was committed to continuing the work of truly being an anti-racist organization. I hope to contribute and learn from the RJC and our community at large so we can all be more compassionate, connected, and impactful in our service.”

E’tienne Easley

Director of Development, Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga

E’tienne Easley

“It is my hope in working with the Racial Justice Council that I help to create an equitable community among Family Promise Affiliates that will extend into the communities we serve. To do this work, I want to disseminate relative information that will heighten awareness, increase knowledge, and address structural racism living within the attitudes, institutions, and structures built to dehumanize and permanently silence African Americans and people of color.”

Carolyn Gordon

Director of Affiliate Expansion, Family Promise

Carolyn Gordon

“Our work of serving families experiencing homelessness is inextricably linked with racial justice. I look forward to elevating the racial equity work of Family Promise and providing guidance, resources, and tools to Affiliates. We will create space in which Black families, staff, and volunteers have power that improves the outcomes for all families served.”

LaVeeta Hamilton

Executive Director, Family Promise of Collin County

LaVeeta Hamilton

The goal is not to just eliminate the gap between white people and people of color, but to encourage positive change for all. Being involved in the Racial Justice Council I hope to educate leaders, staff, volunteers and the families on racial justice. I hope to encourage the difficult conversations surrounding poverty and race, to create a positive change within our affiliates and communities allowing us to serve families the best way possible."

Tammi Hart

Board of Directors Member, GAIHN

Tammi Hart

I was unaware of systemic racism until I experienced it firsthand as a single mother of three children, but I did not know what to name it nor how to confront it. I only knew we were seen as less than and not given the opportunities to excel that we desperately wanted. And this is why I joined the Racial Justice Council - to name and confront the systemic marginalization of Black people and other people of color and to let them know they are so very worthy of the opportunities they seek."

Nakeshia Hedrick

Northeast Regional Director, Family Promise

Nakeshia Hedrick

“I am committed to helping Family Promise hold true to its community-based approach in addressing difficult but important topics like, poverty, homelessness, and racial injustice. As a part of the RJC, I hope to offer insight, voice, fact, and action to address the ugly truths of injustice and inequity that disproportionately and adversely affect Black, Indigenous, and people of color.”

Mitchell Petit-Frere

Director of Brand and Marketing, Family Promise

Mitchell Petit-Frere

“Black Americans only make up 13% of the U.S. population but account for nearly 40% of the country’s homeless population. This is the result of centuries of racism. I hope my work on the Racial Justice Council helps educate Family Promise community members nationwide on the role systemic racism plays in the lives of the non-white families we serve.”

Amber Young

Director of Volunteer Engagement, Family Promise

Amber Young

“As a member of the Racial Justice Council, I hope to support the Black families we serve by openly discussing racial inequality and actively taking steps towards combating systemic racism. The RJC is committed to providing guidance and support to Family Promise as they continue on their DEIA journey.”

It is my hope in working with the Racial Justice Council that I help to create an equitable community among Family Promise Affiliates that will extend into the communities we serve.

-E'tienne Easley


Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest adult generation, and Generation Z is the largest generation overall in the country. Often characterized as social and passionate about values with a need for their voices to be heard, today’s youth are vital to the future of the nonprofit world. Recognizing their potential impact in the battle against family homelessness, Family Promise’s Next Generation Task Force is raising awareness of this crisis within its peer group and beyond and engaging younger audiences with Family Promise.

Zoë Barnswell

Greenwich, CT

Software Engineer, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

B.A. Princeton University

Maureen Cooke

New York, NY

Communications Professional

B.A. Boston College

Julia Dowling

New York, NY

Brand and Growth Strategy Consultant

B.A. University of Richmond

Lisa Reynolds

Davie County, NC

Executive Director, Family Promise of Davie County

B.A. North Carolina State University; M.S.W. & M.P.H. University of Georgia

Hannah Isenhart

Boston, MA

Student and Volunteer

Tufts University, Class of 2021

Brett Rojas

Madison, NJ

Investment Banking Analyst B.S.

Tufts University

From the Family Promise National Board:

Joshua Barer

Mendham, NJ

Managing Director, Barer & Son Capital

B.S. Harvard University

Dan Tinkoff

Summit, NJ

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

B.A. Rutgers University, M.A. Drew University

Young people want creative, enduring ways to give back. The NextGen Committee will help sustain Family Promise and make its work even more meaningful.

—Nora Ali

From the Family Promise National Staff:

Cassidy O'Lear

Philadelphia, PA

Brand and Marketing Manager

B.A. University of Connecticut

Mitchell Petit-Frere

Parsippany, NJ

Director of Brand and Marketing, Family Promise

B.A. & M.A. Saint John’s University

Amber Young

New York, NY

Director of Volunteer Engagement

B.A. Hofstra University; M.S. Eastern University


Do you have expertise in one of the above areas and a passion for ending family homelessness. Reach out to us for more info on joining our committees and councils.

2.5 million children in the U.S. will experience homelessness this year.

YOU can help.

Give children and families in crisis a safe place to sleep tonight and the chance for a brighter future.


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