Programs and Services

Prevention services


We are there when a family’s homelessness is imminent, and we work to avoid the trauma of a family losing their housing. Our Affiliates do this through:

  • Case management and community support
  • Rental assistance, security deposits
  • Utility support
  • Landlord mediation
  • Housing location
  • Transportation – gas cards, bus passes, and car donations

Keeping families out of shelter is good public policy and good fiscal policy. When families have lost housing and reach out to Family Promise, we provide alternatives to shelter, including:

  • Temporary hotel/motel stays
  • Payments for rent in arrears, security deposits
  • Landlord mediation and housing location
  • Creative solutions leveraging a family’s strengths
Nichole and Zion


Family Promise offers a holistic solution to family homelessness and our shelter models ensure the right fit for a family. Affiliates operate:

  • Rotational Shelter – families stay overnight at different congregations and community sites throughout their participation in the program
  • Static Shelter – families stay overnight at the same location throughout their participation in the program
  • Hybrid static and rotational shelter
  • Temporary apartments
  • Motel stays

Through all we do, we endeavor to keep families together and safe. Our core shelter model began as a grassroots, interfaith effort that grew into 6,000 congregations and other organizations hosting families at a third of the traditional shelter cost. We are a secular organization that engages local communities and mobilizes 200,000 volunteers every year to offer hospitality and community in a trauma-informed environment.



Programming after shelter helps families remain housed. These structured graduate programs provide continued support and reduce the risk of a family’s re-entry into homelessness. Examples include:

  • Tenancy training
  • Home ownership
  • Financial capability
  • Educational initiatives
  • Career pathways
  • Technology support
  • Health and wellness

In addition to the many initiatives and programs available when families reach out to us in crisis, we organize communities to offer:

  • Food pantries
  • Furniture donation
  • Drop-in community centers
  • Clothing closets
  • Diaper banks
  • Holiday gift drives

All Family Promise programs incorporate:


Our 200+ Affiliates provide comprehensive guidance and resources to empower families at risk of or experiencing homelessness.


Our tens of thousands of volunteers across the country are the heart of all we do. They provide hospitality, mentorship, and most importantly, community.


We are committed to leading the fight against family homelessness by raising awareness of the issue and mobilizing communities to address the root causes of family homelessness.