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Family Promise’s engagement of the corporate community is an integral part of our comprehensive approach to family homelessness.  Our innovative partnership with Capgemini brings their technological expertise and extensive resources to our strategy of scaling proven solutions across our entire Affiliate network.

The collaboration focuses on three areas:

  • Workforce Development
  • Financial Capabilities
  • Volunteer Training



Workforce Development

Pathways to Success is a workforce development video series created to empower families to succeed in today’s digital job market.  Videos like Searching for a Job, Effective Interview Skills, and Negotiating Salary help the families we serve maximize their opportunities for career advancement and financial independence.

Financial Capabilities

Capgemini will digitize and gamify New Beginnings, the financial literacy curriculum Family Promise developed in collaboration with Woodforest National Bank in 2014.  The curriculum is tailored to low-income families, covering budgeting, savings, credit, and basic banking concepts.  New Beginnings allows families to set financial goals and achieve them, track and control their expenses, and establish a solid financial base for the future.

Digitizing the curriculum will encourage engagement, allowing us to bring it to a much wider audience.  More families will be able to access it more easily, and a digital platform will provide a multitude of interactive elements to create a more immersive and effective learning experience.

“Capgemini’s ambition is to help make the digital revolution an opportunity for all and to provide a bridge between technology and society. We are proud to support Family Promise by offering our digital expertise to ensure the families they serve are empowered with the skills they need to find jobs and opportunities.”
Lauren Sanne, Capgemini, Corporate Social Responsibility

Virtual Volunteer Training

Capgemini has also created a series of modular training videos which Affiliates use to educate their volunteers in preparation for working with families in the program. The videos (accessible here) provide a standardized training process for our Affiliates, ensuring that all volunteers are using best practices, as well as highlighting the value and rewards of volunteering with Family Promise.

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