Avocado Green Mattress: A New Lease on Life Brings a Good Night’s Sleep

November 1, 2019

At some point, every parent faces the challenge of getting children to keep their rooms neat. But single mom Katherine doesn’t have that problem her ten-year-old daughter is excited about cleaning her room. That’s because until recently she didn’t have one.

Ten years ago, when Katherine encountered financial struggles, she didn’t have any budgeting experience and the family lost their apartment. She and her two daughters doubled up with friends, slept in their car, or stayed in hotels for nearly a decade, never able to regain stability. Although Katherine worked, her income wasn’t enough to cover rent and all of life’s other expenses. When her employer learned of her situation and told her about Family Promise of York County (SC), Katherine knew it was a step she had to take.

Family Promise taught Katherine how to manage her finances and navigate a new job search, and before long she was offered a position that doubled her income. She put her new budgeting skills into practice and after four months the family was able to move into a new home.

Family Promise volunteers donated furnishings, and thanks to Family Promise’s partnership with Avocado Green Mattress, the New Jersey-based premium organic mattress manufacturer, the family had comfortable beds to sleep in their very first night in their new home. Avocado Green Mattress provides Affiliates across the country with clean, unused, as-new mattresses, helping to furnish homes for families recovering from homelessness.

For Areale and her three children, escaping an abusive domestic situation left them without a place to turn. They participated in Family Promise’s emergency shelter program in Rochester (NY) for just a few weeks before moving into a new home furnished in part by donations from Family Promise and Avocado Green Mattress.

Now settled in her new home and steadily employed, Katherine advises families who come to Family Promise to dedicate themselves to rebuilding their lives.

“It takes some discipline, but it’s all about mindset. If you stick to it and allow Family Promise to help you, you’ll go far,” she says.

Areale agrees.

“Always keep your head high,” she counsels. “Have a goal.”

Finally in a room of her own, Katherine’s oldest daughter happily makes her bed every day. And Areale and her children appreciate their new beds as well.

“I love the mattress!” Areale exclaims, adding, “And I think my kids do, too, because they’re always on it!”

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