Why I Give: Cyndee Albertson, Executive Director, Family Promise of Orange County, CA

March 23, 2021

Cyndee Albertson

“If you really want something, you do what it takes,” says Cyndee Albertson.

That’s her philosophy in life, and it’s also applicable in her role as executive director at Family Promise of Orange County in Orange, CA.

Albertson knows the hard work of turning dreams into reality. One of four children raised by a single mom, her family faced many challenges. She and her siblings began working at a young age to contribute to the family’s income.

At Family Promise, Albertson stresses the importance of education and encourages parents to lead by example.

“Don’t limit your employment options because of your education level,” she tells families. “Get a diploma, take a class, get certified.”

She shares the story of a mom who worked as a home healthcare provider. Albertson explained to her that she’d earn more money for the same job as a certified nursing assistant and convinced her to enter a CNA program. Her advice proved true, and the family now makes regular donations to Family Promise. The proud mom says, “I want to show my kids that if I can do it, they can do it.”

Reflecting on the fear and uncertainty that accompany homelessness, Cyndee Albertson lets families know they’re safe at Family Promise.

She says, “If you’re anxious and fearful, you can’t focus on the future. Family Promise makes families feel secure so they can move on.”

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