Doing Good Together

December 19, 2016

In 2016, Family Promise launched several innovative partnerships with nationally renowned nonprofits.  These collaborations allow us to broaden our outreach and provide more comprehensive services to our families, ultimately speeding their journeys to independence.


HomeAid is a national partnership of builders with chapters in twelve states that builds and renovates facilities and housing for those experiencing homelessness.  Several of our Affiliates have already worked with HomeAid in the past, constructing Day Centers and other facilities for typically half the market cost.  Current and future projects include new and renovated Day Centers, transitional and permanent housing facilities, and joint efforts to raise funds and procure materials.


State-of-the-art transitional housing for Hall County.

A prime example of the new partnership’s benefits has already taken place.  Jim Chapman, president of Jim Chapman Communities and Jim Chapman Fine Homes, in close cooperation with HomeAid Atlanta, has donated a brand new modular home to Family Promise of Hall County (GA) to serve as transitional housing for families graduating the program.  In Hall County, this home would list for $300,000 but the Affiliate will pay a greatly reduced price.


“I contacted HomeAid Atlanta to get their expert advice and make sure that our contribution of this turn-key house would benefit the most people,” said Chapman.  “They put us in touch with Family Promise and I am honored to be part of the solution to help homeless children and their families regain stability in their lives.”


Focusing on our shared mission to protect children, Family Promise has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to address potential risks and safety issues for homeless children and youth.  With access to national-center-for-missing-and-exploited-children-logoNCMEC resources, Affiliates will be better able to identify missing and/or exploited children, recognize signs of abuse, and promote child safety to families.


The collaboration includes extensive training for Family Promise employees and volunteers, from national webinars between the two organizations to in-person sessions at Family Promise regional meetings; access to the NCMEC registry for our intake procedures; co-branded, downloadable child IDs for every child who is in the Family Promise program; and select, co-branded child safety resources for all Affiliates.


“Family Promise and NCMEC are national leaders on ensuring the safety and security of children,” said Family Promise President Claas Ehlers.  “By partnering, Family Promise Affiliates will be able to access NCMEC resources and expertise and better enable families to safeguard their children.  For NCMEC, Family Promise provides an opportunity to educate not just the 57,000 people Family Promise serves, but also the supporting congregations and other organizations.  This partnership shows that by collaborating strategically, nonprofits can broaden their impact and serve more people.  We are thrilled to work together to give children a better future.”


And, in furthering our goal to serve the most vulnerable among us, we also formed an official partnership with the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY), the leading advocacy organization for youth experiencing homelessness.  NAEHCY’s expertise is deep and the relationship can provide Affiliates support on several levels.  They help connect Affiliates with school McKinney-Vento liaisons, advise our employees and volunteers on policy issues affecting the homeless children we serve, and introduce opportunities for youth in our programs across the country.



Barbara Duffield

NAEHCY provides expert council on matters of law regarding children from early childhood through high school. They have a dynamic advocacy arm and report to Affiliates on challenges and successes with local policy implementation of federal laws and funding issues.  Affiliates also have the opportunity to participate in NAEHCY provider surveys to inform advocacy and policy efforts.


Barbara Duffield, NAEHCY’s Director of Policy and Programs, is looking forward to the opportunities the partnership creates.  “NAEHCY is excited to expand and develop our partnership with Family Promise.  Our respective memberships share the vision of success for every child and family experiencing homelessness; we also share the work of building lasting solutions in our communities.  We know that our efforts will be stronger and more effective in collaboration with Family Promise, and we look forward to joining forces in the weeks, months, and years ahead.”

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