Family Promise Statement: Supreme Court Overturns Federal Eviction Moratorium, Millions at Risk of Homelessness

sad family

August 27, 2021

The news that the Supreme Court overturned the COVID-related eviction moratorium, just as children are going back to school and the Delta variant is on the rise, is a major blow for families at risk of homelessness. 

More than 6 million households are on the brink of eviction nationally due to the pandemic, with government funds not reaching them in time to maintain their housing. 

This is simply not acceptable. 

Children who experience homelessness are 87% more likely to drop out of school and high school students are 4.3 times more likely than their peers to attempt suicide. 

While several states have enacted their own eviction moratoriums, we call on Congress to authorize a federally imposed, nationwide eviction moratorium. 

During these challenging times, Family Promise is committed to preventing families from losing their homes and assuring the continuity of education for children. 

Here are the top five actions we are taking: 

  • We are working with pro bono law firms across the country to fight wrongful evictions. 
  • We are providing emergency rental assistance and landlord mediation. 
  • We are engaging partners to offer employment support, childcare, and healthcare. 
  • We are raising awareness and engaging volunteers to make a lasting impact. 
  • We are supporting policies that protect low-income families. 

If you want to help, click here.

If you are a family in need of help, click here.

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.