Family Promise Engaging with Worldwide ERC

January 18, 2018

Helping people find new homes. In short, that is what Family Promise does. But that is also woven into the mission of Worldwide ERC®, a membership organization committed to connecting and educating workforce mobility professionals across the globe.



Worldwide ERC®’s Foundation for Workforce Mobility, the charitable arm of Worldwide ERC®, has been a partner with Family Promise since 2015. This past fall, Worldwide ERC® held its Global Workforce Symposium, its premier conference, in Chicago. Family Promise CEO Claas Ehlers attended, meeting with leadership and speaking at the Foundation’s gala.

In addition to the gala, the Foundation also held a fundraising walk along the Chicago River to raise awareness of Family Promise. These events also presented opportunities for Worldwide ERC® members to learn more about ways to engage with our organization on a local level. Some already have, in fact: one of those is Kevin Rich, a former Foundation Chairman, who has been an active volunteer for Family Promise of North Shore Boston since it began.



Plans are afoot to increase the local engagement by Worldwide ERC® members, that might include bringing dinners, providing professional expertise to help empower families through training or mentoring, or determining ways that resources used in workforce mobility can be shared to help a local affiliate get families established in their new homes. This past summer, the Worldwide ERC® Foundation and Family Promise worked together to identify ways for members to support relief efforts when Hurricane Harvey hit, connecting Worldwide ERC® with local Affiliates and directing support on the ground.

“It’s remarkable what can happen when two organizations with strong focus combine their compassion and resources,” said 2018 Foundation Chair Kathleen Baker, Director, Relocation Services for VERSA Relocation. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to do such important work with Family Promise, and to guide the generosity and kindness of our industry to make a difference for so many families.”

Ehlers notes that the support of such organizations provide a wonderful opportunity to strengthen local community support. “The Worldwide ERC® Foundation has been a fantastic partner for Family Promise and we are excited to explore ways to bring the many talents, connections, and commitment of its member organizations and their staff to address the crisis of family homelessness.”


Dial 211 to find more resources near you.