Family Promise of Colorado Springs Opens Innovative Shelter

March 4, 2020

Family Promise of Colorado Springs is ensuring the most vulnerable children and families in their community receive help.

The Affiliate recently opened Colorado Springs’ first stand-alone, family-dedicated shelter. It is also Colorado’s first low-barrier family shelter.

“We’re able to accept families in whatever place they’re at,” Family Promise of Colorado Springs Executive Director Kat Lilley told reporters. “If a family with children need shelter, it’s available.”

The shelter’s “low-barrier” status means there is a higher tolerance for families who might be rejected from other shelters. This ensures that families are not separated based on gender, age, or other factors.

“It’s not about sobriety;  it’s not about employment;  it’s about children knowing they can be safe in our community and they have a place to sleep at night,” Lilley explained.

Formerly a motel, the shelter was refurbished using grants and donations from businesses and faith groups, while volunteers helped renovate rooms. The structure was re-named the New Promise Family Shelter before last week’s ribbon-cutting. 

The   New Promise Family Shelter boasts 17 rooms of varying sizes. Its existence has doubled the shelter-bed capacity for families with children in Colorado Springs, according to Mayor John Suthers. Each room features basic amenities and furniture donated by a local retailer.

For families experiencing homelessness, stability is fleeting. The New Promise Family Shelter   ensures families with children have a place to rest their head and   a space to build a stable future for themselves.

Lilley put it best: “This is a place of hope, this is a place of courage, this is a place of dignity.”  

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.