Family Promise Week: October 18-25

September 23, 2015

fpweek website announcement

  • Founded in Summit, NJ, in 1988 Family Promise is national non-profit organization mobilizing communities and existing resources to help homeless families regain their independence.
  • Homeless families now comprise nearly 40% of the homeless population.
  • One out of every 45 American children will experience homelessness this year.
  • Last year, there were 3.5 million homeless people in the United States. Sixty-four percent of U.S. cities turned away homeless families with children because there was a lack of bed space.
  • Family Promise provided shelter and social services to more than 50,000 people last year . . . nearly 60% of them children.
  • Family Promise currently operates 192 Affiliates across 42 states and mobilizes more than 160,000 volunteers and 6,000 congregations across the country.
  • Family Promise is cost-effective. We utilize existing resources and are able to deliver $3 in goods and services for every $1 we receive.
  • Family Promise works. On average, 75% of our guests secure housing within nine weeks, helping them to achieve sustainable independence.

What can you do?

Click here to find an Affiliate in your community to volunteer your time or give a monetary donation.

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.