From Homeless to Home for the Holidays

December 21, 2018

Our newest corporate partner, Clayton Homes, worked with Family Promise and our New Braunfels Affiliate in Texas to make sure a deserving family would have a home for the holidays.  The DePaz family lost their family-owned roadside assistance business and soon found themselves without housing.  Here is their story, as shared on Clayton’s blog:


Meet the DePaz family. This family of five has been described as a joyful, fun-loving family that spends a lot of quality time together. Unfortunately, about a year and a half ago, Oscar and Mona Lisa fell on difficult times and suddenly found themselves living out of their car and a storage unit full of their belongings.

That’s when they were directed to the great people at Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels. This program uses community resources to empower families to find housing as well as long term sustainability.

After only three months in the program, Oscar and Mona Lisa secured steady shelter and reliable transportation, completed the program’s requirements and reached their goals of housing and employment.

The DePaz family fought their circumstances head-on with perseverance, integrity and hard work. Their determination stood out to Family Promise and through a four-month journey, they partnered with Clayton Homes and a few other businesses to gift the family with a new home for the holidays.

Other companies and community members donated things like furniture, décor, an air-conditioning unit, skirting and decking, and even a washer and dryer to help make the DePaz family’s new house a home.

A small group gathered around as the DePaz family cut the ribbon and got to walk through their new home for the first time. From the pure joy and excitement on their faces, it was clear that this family, who has worked through some of the hardest times, finally had a home to call their own.

Mona Lisa DePaz shared her thoughts on being in their home for the holidays:

“Christmas is going to be wonderful, [be]cause we’re going to be in our own home. And we’re going to wake up to our big blessing every single day, not only Christmas, every single day. And I’m thankful for God most of all.”    

We love to open doors to a better life, one home at a time, no matter the family, no matter the circumstances.

Welcome home, DePaz family!

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.