From One ‘Family’ To Another

April 14, 2021

At LinkedIn, it’s not just about work.

The Global Marketing Solutions team spans continents and time zones around the globe, but team members work together closely and consider one another more than professional colleagues. When more than half of the leadership team lost family members over the course of mere months last year, the department looked for a special way to recognize the tragedies. The group decided to honor the memory of those loved ones and show support for their team members by making a donation to an organization that reflected the values they hold dear.

“We consider ourselves a family and wanted to do something that lifts up the family unit,” explains Executive Assistant Melissa Sales. “When we read [about Family Promise’s] values, model, mission, and vision, we knew that it was absolutely the right fit.”

The team, led by Vice President of Marketing Solutions Penry Price, ran a fundraising campaign for Family Promise. Employee contributions were matched dollar for dollar by LinkedIn and raised more than $18,000 for families battling homelessness. 

Jia Hyun, vice president and head of North America marketing solutions, says, “It was symbolic of how we operate as a team and as a family here.” 

Hyun’s colleague Reem Abeidoh adds, “You go to work every day and give your all. Of course, your team feels for you in a time of crisis, but this wasn’t just feelings, it was action. This gesture in a moment of grief makes you realize you’re not alone. It was incredibly moving, very profound.”

Abeidoh and Hyun both lost a parent last year and were inspired by their team’s empathy. Hyun likens their office culture to Family Promise’s work.

 “Family Promise is proactive and leads with compassion,” Hyun says. “Their focus isn’t just triage, it’s more about ‘What can we do to avoid the need for late-stage intervention?’ I think it’s a nice overlap in how we [at LinkedIn] think about problem-solving.”

After receiving the generous donation, Family Promise CEO Claas Ehlers spoke to the team about the impact of their gift.

“Some of the stories Claas shared were really powerful,” recalls Hyun. “They showed us why it really is so important to lean in and help.” 

Abeidoh notes that it wasn’t just LinkedIn employees and Family Promise families who benefitted from the campaign.

“My father, brother, and eight-year-old son were equally moved,” she explains. “And it taught my son a huge lesson. At Christmas, when we asked what he wanted as a gift, he said he wanted us to donate to charity.”

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