Karen Olson Tours Harvey Damage

September 21, 2017

The devastating power of Hurricane Harvey affected the entire Family Promise community in the Affiliates touched by the storm.  Guest families, staff, board members, volunteers—all had their lives changed to some degree, some profoundly.  Congregations were flooded, possessions destroyed, homes lost, many families relocated.  We continue to offer our thoughts and support to all along the Gulf Coast.


Family Promise Founder Karen Olson recently visited Family Promise of Clear Creek, one of our Affiliates directly in Harvey’s path of destruction. She toured the area and shared time with those affected by the storm.  Karen had been invited to speak at their gala, which, after much deliberation, they decided to move forward with, despite the challenges they were facing.  In the face of so much hardship, the community came together and Clear Creek’s fundraiser wound up raising twice as much money as they had the year before.

Karen Olson & Connie Nyquist  at gala.

Karen Olson & Connie Nyquist at gala.

Karen said, “Harvey was a tragedy for so many in Texas.  But there was a silver lining—it brought out the best in people and showed how much we really care about one another.  I am confident that the community spirit I encountered will raise Clear Creek and other Houston area Affiliates up in the weeks and months ahead.”


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