Moving Mountains for Family Promise

November 14, 2018

For avid hiker and outdoorsman Jon    Mitovich, the sky’s the limit    when it comes to    battling family    homelessness.  

Over 40 years,    Mitovich    has climbed most of the mountains   in    Colorado and    his home state of New Mexico,    as well as    Washington’s Mt. Rainier.    All the while, another mountain loomed on his horizon: Mt. Kilimanjaro. At 19,341 feet, Tanzania’s Mt.    Kili, as    it has been    nicknamed    by    trekkers, is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. 

“Mountain climbing puts you in your place in relation to Mother Nature,”    Mitovich    says. He describes the sport as a humbling experience.    Much like homelessness. 

Although    Mitovich’s    wife doesn’t share his love of higher altitudes (“She’s more of a beach and palm trees person,” he jokes), the couple is deeply concerned about the crisis of family homelessness. They volunteer at Family Promise of Albuquerque and have often contemplated how to    do more. 


Mitovich before the climb.

Four years ago,    when    they    sold their family business    and    found themselves with extra time and resources, it seemed Mt.    Kili’s    day    had come.    While training for the climb,    Mitovich, who admits the mind can wander into    thought-provoking    territory from    the side of a mountain, says he    realized there was a higher purpose to    his    adventure. 

He and his wife agreed he    should seek sponsors and make the climb on behalf of Family Promise. 

Over seven days and 47 miles of rough, steep terrain,    Mitovich    says his mission kept him motivated. With every step of his journey, in addition to the heavy backpack he carried,    Mitovich    felt the weight of a great responsibility to the families he served. 

“I was carrying the hopes and dreams of a lot of people,” he recalls. “In the end, it’s like    I’d    carried    all these people with me to the top.” 

On Saturday, August 25th – his birthday – Mitovich    summited the mountain. Allowing for the change in time zones, it was Sunday morning in the middle of church service when he reported back home that he’d made it to the peak, and his pastor shared the news with his congregation in real time. 

Mitovich at

Mitovich at the summit.

Support for    Mitovich’s    fundraising event exceeded $18,000. He shared how simple it was to turn a life event into a way to help families in need. 

“So many things we do in life – if you take it a step further it can be so much more. I’m just trying to make a little difference in the world,” he says    modestly. “I always felt this was something more than just climbing a mountain. Doing it for Family Promise made it especially meaningful.” 

Mitovich    is one of many supporters who have successfully created fundraisers for Family Promise. Through    5K races,    bike tours,    birthdays,    and more, individuals and groups have enlisted    supporters    to give    greater purpose to    some of the    special    events and occasions    in their lives. For information on    how    you can make a difference for a family in need,    click here. ( 

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.