Pull-A-Part Partnership Provides Cars for Families

December 20, 2016


Cobb County, GA.

On December 17, the holidays started early for more than twenty families being served by Affiliates in the South and Southwest. Thanks to our partnership with Pull-A-Part, a family-owned business with auto parts superstores in 12 states providing affordable used parts for working families, Affiliates from Nashville to Mobile to Corpus Christi were able to present a reliable used vehicle to a deserving family.

“We are thrilled to partner with Pull-A-Part, a corporation which recognizes that family homelessness is complex and that access to reliable transportation for so many families is a crucial factor toward achieving sustainable independence,” said Family Promise President Claas Ehlers.  “Corporate partners like Pull-A-Part show that a community response involves all sectors and that corporations are a key part of the solution to family homelessness.  We are excited about this wonderful event and their incredible generosity and looking forward to working together in the future to empower families toward success.”


FP of Anderson County Executive Director Yolanda Archuletta gets the keys!

Transportation is often overlooked as a factor contributing to families’ loss of independence, but it is vital.  Look no further than the example of Jeremiah in Blount County, TN.  The night before his family was to receive their donation from Pull-A-Part, their car refused to start.  As they are preparing to move from the Affiliate to permanent housing in January, they couldn’t afford expensive car repairs.  The donation from Pull-A-Part came at the perfect time, allowing Jeremiah to keep his job and the family on track towards independence.


“We are very excited to be part of this project in our Pull-A-Part communities. We are dedicated to helping families get back on the road again,” said Ross Kogon, CEO of Pull-A-Part. “Through this partnership we can truly make an impact in the lives of families across the country.”

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