Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF) Makes Sustainable Re-Housing a Reality

September 18, 2018

SUMMIT, NJ—A security deposit    can be the difference between a family remaining in shelter and empowering them to independence in their own home. 

Assistance with rental payments can keep a family in their home and avoid a fall into homelessness. 

SAPF 1A group of engaged volunteers    collecting and moving donated furniture    can help a family realize their dream    of    a new home.  

Through a generous $30,000 grant to support a homelessness prevention and sustainable rehousing initiative, Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF) has made all this, and so much more, possible for families served in Family Promise’s Union County Program. 

Last year,    Family Promise partnered with HUMI (Help Us Move In), a Washington State-based nonprofit working with communities to fund and create programs helping families facing housing crises. The mission of this partnership is to ensure that children are no longer homeless.   

Family Promise    piloted    this    sustainable prevention and rehousing    program    in Union County,    contingent upon    Family    Promise    raising matching funds from local funders. The SAPF grant not only satisfied the    initial    HUMI match requirement but has also allowed    Family Promise    to expand the prevention and rehousing initiative’s capacity, engage more volunteers, and maximize impact.    It has grown into a successful national program, changing the future for families across the country. 

Since receiving the grant monies for the effort in Union County,    Family Promise    has built new relationships with landlords and    increased    local    landlord participation by    nearly 200%.    20    landlords    are now    engaged in providing new homes    for families in the    shelter    program.    Family Promise    has    also helped 25 households (82 individuals),    providing them with a total of $22,732 in security deposits and/or rental assistance, so they could either move into housing or avoid eviction. SAPF 3  

Family    Promise’s network of 1,000+ volunteers in Union County    help with    home repair and budgeting    workshops,    painting    and cleaning    properties,    and move-in days, so that families do not drain their resources moving into new housing. 

Thanks to SAPF’s investment,    Family Promise’s    diversion and stabilization work supplants much costlier interventions,    saving the community significant money and resources. This innovative    initiative has helped    Family Promise    guests become better tenants, making them attractive rental candidates to landlords and property owners who know the program. And, the connections made    with landlords and volunteers    have enabled more families to access and secure affordable housing.  

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.