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August 9, 2022

New York Searches for Common Ground in Seeking Housing Solutions

Steadily rising costs, zoning restrictions, and disagreements between local and state politicians continue to inflame the depleted housing supply and lack of affordable options in New York City. As Mayor Eric Adam’s has pledged $22 billion toward affordable housing over the next 10 years, there remains, advocates must also navigate local opposition to new development and push for bills that make it easier to build. (New York Times

Author Scrutinizes How Zoning Practices Have Stifled Communities with New Book

During a recent interview with Bloomberg Opinion, M. Nolan Gray, author of Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix it examines the present and historical impacts of zoning, a regulatory practice Gray calls “much more of a social project than it is a good government process.” Gray says zoning has not only impeded the building process, it’s also driven up costs, cut down on opportunities in highly productive regions, and contributed to the segregation of class and race.  (The Washington Post

Surging Housing Costs Drive Californians Elsewhere in Search of Affordability

Residents of California continue relocating out of state as its cost-of-living prices out middle class families. Currently ranked second in outbound moves, one study finds California’s outbound move rate now up to 60% as homeowners opt for more affordable metro areas as a result of a state median home price of $800,000 and the increasing ability to work remotely.  (San Francisco Gate)  

Housing Crisis Prices Out Workforce and Threatens Economy in Idaho Resort Region 

Workers in Sun Valley, an exclusive resort destination in southern-central Idaho, are searching for housing alternatives as rents and home prices in the area have skyrocketed over the past two years. Having turned to campers or partial garages, the crisis stands to threaten the region’s economy as workers who are now priced-out of the housing market account for a large share of the workforce supporting the economy of the popular billionaire getaway. (New York Times) 

Baby Boomers Latest to Experience Spike in Homelessness

The baby boomer generation is now among the fastest growing groups experiencing homelessness. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, the number of people experiencing homeless over 55 is projected to surge to 225,000 nationwide by 2026, a 32% jump from 170,000 in 2017.  (CBS News) 

Gainesville Will Soon Consider Eliminating Single-Family Zoning

Zoning reform is on the agenda for the city of Gainesville, FL, home to the University of Florida and a population where nearly 60% are renters. As city officials weigh whether to eliminate single-family housing requirements, a zoning practice now deemed by many to be exclusionary, Gainesville residents have been vocal both for and against the change. If passed, Gainesville would join cities like Minneapolis and Tacoma, WA as well as states such as California and Oregon that have taken up zoning reform to confront the housing crisis. (Bloomberg) 


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