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We believe that family homelessness needs a community response. Our partners are a key part of that solution.

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Featured Nonprofit Partners

Imagine: A Center For Coping With Loss

Family Promise and Imagine collaborated to create Living With Loss, Healing From Homelessness, a training program that provides support for those dealing with the trauma associated with homelessness.

Help Us Move In

Help Us Move In

In year five of our partnership, HUMI has made grants to 56 Family Promise Affiliates in prevention and stabilization programs to ensure children are “Homeless No More.” A truly innovative approach, the HUMI partnership encourages community support for homelessness prevention services while raising awareness about the crisis of family homelessness.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Family Promise is proud to partner with NCMEC to provide families experiencing homelessness and the professionals who serve them with information and access to reporting mechanisms, training to help identify missing and/or exploited children, and prevention education resources.

Petsmart Charities

PetSmart Charities

The Pets with a Promise program is a remarkable partnership. Across this country, families with pets are forced to make the difficult decision about whether to seek shelter if it means loss of a beloved family member—their dog or cat. PetSmart Charities recognized that this issue had a very real impact and that they were uniquely positioned to address it.

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities

With Family Promise’s expertise, Sesame Street in Communities launched a suite of bilingual online resources to help children cope with the trauma of losing their homes.

Foundation for Workforce Mobility

The Worldwide ERC Foundation for Workforce Mobility

The Worldwide ERC Foundation for Workforce Mobility supports Family Promise and is committed to serving families experiencing and at-risk of homelessness.

Other Nonprofit Partners

  • Food Donation Connection
  • HomeAid
  • NABC Recycled Rides
  • ProsperityNow
  • Schoolhouse Connection

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