Bridge to Success

A pathway to independence for families in need.

When a bus ticket means the difference between a job or unemployment…

When a burst pipe makes a home uninhabitable…

When a new winter coat keeps a child warm on the walk to school…

When a professional certification impacts career possibilities…

When a child’s birthday can be celebrated with a cake and small gifts…

Bridge to Success ensures that families have the means to tackle challenges of any size that come their way and facilitates the transition from homelessness to independence.

An enduring resource, Bridge to Success provides tailored support and necessities to families as circumstances arise to help them rebuild their lives. Combined with intensive personalized case management and Family Promise’s comprehensive range of programs that address all the issues surrounding family homelessness, Bridge to Success helps families regain self-sufficiency and thrive.

A typical household can budget for everything – clothing, school supplies, vacations, even unpredictable adversities like car repairs or medical emergencies – but a family in crisis can barely afford the everyday essentials. A sustaining resource that aligns with Family Promise’s mission to empower families to lasting independence, Bridge to Success enables families to identify needs and priorities and set achievable goals.

Some of the ways Bridge to Success helps families stay focused on the goal of improving their lives:

    • Education & literacy programs
    • Move-in & rental assistance
    • Home repairs
    • Vehicle maintenance & repairs
    • School uniforms & supplies
    • Workforce development
    • Financial literacy training
    • Food pantry
    • Family wellness
    • Bus/train tickets
    • Certification/licensing fees
    • Holiday donations & birthday celebrations
Your support helps keep families on the road to success.