PetSmart Charities and Family Promise

The Pets with a Promise program is a remarkable partnership. Across this country, families with pets are forced to make the difficult decision about whether to seek shelter if it means loss of a beloved family member—their dog or cat. PetSmart Charities recognized that this issue had a very real impact and that they were uniquely positioned to address it.

The Pets with a Promise program was developed to ensure that no family is faced with that awful dilemma when they become homeless. By the end of 2015, PetSmart had created nine pet sanctuaries at Affiliate sites across the country—ensuring that not only could families keep their pets, they would be able to interact with them every day. In addition, PetSmart helped us create a pet fostering manual that serves as a template for all organizations providing services to people experiencing homelessness.

Early in 2016, the program was moved to PetSmart Charities. Pets with a Promise continues to provide grant funding for services for families with pets, including vaccinations, pet supplies, and transportation related to boarding. They sponsor a Pet Fostering program for those Affiliates without kennel facilities. And, the program will underwrite pet sheltering at local approved facilities (PetSmart PetsHotels, other national chains, local kennels, veterinarians/pet hospitals and animal shelters), ensuring that the families we serve can board their pets at no cost to themselves or the Affiliate.

92 grants were made to Family Promise Affiliates in 2018, allowing us to provide 3,336 shelter nights for 283 pets.

PetSmart and PetSmart Charities have taken a practical approach to a problem and used its expertise to solve it. This is an example of how a corporation can have a very real, and meaningful, effect on a major issue.


Petsmart Charities
Petsmart Charities