A Father’s Dream

June 14, 2023

Tim* and his son have known hard times. 

Reduced work hours caused the Utah father to fall behind on rent. Subsequently, the family was evicted from their home with nowhere to turn. 

But at Family Promise of Salt Lake, Tim found the peace of mind and stability he needed to begin building a brighter future. 

“The way the program is set up, it helps people develop,” he says. “It gets you away from the chaos, allows you to think and get your life together.” 

Once settled in the shelter program, Tim enrolled in Family Promise’s New Beginnings curriculum, a financial capability training that equipped him with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of his finances. He also credits Family Promise for being a “steppingstone” to a new job that has significantly increased his income. 

“It took a lot of stress off of my life,” says Tim. “I have some pretty big bills, and it gave me a chance to start saving more money so I can get on my feet.” 

Another positive: Tim says Family Promise helped improve his relationship with his son. He explains, “Being a single dad, you don’t always have time to talk to your kids—especially for how much I was working. Now, we’re more open because we have more time together.” 

The security offered by Family Promise also enabled Tim’s son to focus on school once again. Like many young people who experience homelessness, his attendance had dropped due to the family’s precarious living situation. 

The family has made such great progress that they soon hope to move into transitional housing and, eventually, a permanent home. Now, Tim, who worked on farms as a teen, has dreams of home ownership—preferably a house with a farm. 

*Name changed to protect privacy 

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