Finding a Home at Family Promise

September 1, 2023

From the time he was 13 years old, James* lived with his grandmother, Alice. She dedicated her time to raising and eventually becoming the legal guardian of her grandson. Despite the challenges of raising him on her own, she strived to provide for James and support him in what he loved doing, including playing football. 

In 2010, Alice and James found themselves without a home and staying in a local shelter. That’s where Family Promise came in. Family Promise supplied them with food, clothing, a place to stay, and the support that they needed. 

After their stay in shelter, the two of them got back on their feet and James had the chance to focus again on his love of football.  

Eight years later, James became the running back for his high school football team during his sophomore year, but he still faced uncertainty about where he would sleep each night. Despite his grandmother’s best efforts, James rotated between spending nights with Alice and staying at his friends’ houses. 

Family Promise volunteers, the Johnson family, first met James during his stay in shelter years before and their son connected with him instantly. When they crossed paths again, the Johnsons didn’t hesitate to offer James to move in with them permanently.  

The stability and predictability of a permanent residence has allowed James to thrive, and his grandmother continues to be involved in his life. Their kindness gave James the freedom to focus on his future and succeed as his team’s star running back. 

“[He] came from a broken home, so I always wanted him to be around good people and to know that every home isn’t a broken home. Family is about more than blood or race, it’s about who loves you and supports you,” Alice said. 

Please donate today to help other young children like James on the path to success. 

*Names changed to protect privacy

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