A Couch is Not a Home: Where the Hidden Homeless Get Housing Vouchers

June 17, 2021

Christian Science Monitor Photo

Photo: The Christian Science Monitor

Family Promise Featured in The Christian Science Monitor

Earlier this month The Christian Science Monitor published an article on families who live “doubled-up,” or sheltered in other people’s homes.

The article details how, although this group makes up the majority of families experiencing homelessness, it is difficult for them to receive help because they are often not eligible for services. This stems from the way the Department of Housing and Urban Development counts those experiencing homelessness.

“Doubling up is not qualitatively better than other homeless situations. It can be in some circumstances, and in others it can be worse,” Claas Ehlers, CEO of Family Promise said.

The article also explains the Homeless Children and Youth Act, “a bipartisan bill recently re-introduced to Congress, expands HUD’s definition of homelessness to include doubling up.”

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