Analysis Shows the Impact of Family Promise’s Holistic, Client-Centered Approach

July 21, 2021

A message from Family Promise CEO, Claas Ehlers, on our recent third-party evaluation report:

Family Promise has been working with the Stand Together Foundation as part of a cohort of organizations addressing poverty, incarceration, racial justice, and homelessness. As part of this effort, we were able to have an independent study done to assess aspects of our impact.

The full report has terrific data, quotes, and feedback. But the story it tells is that the work of Family Promise Affiliates is highly effective.

Relevant points to the survey process:

  • These were in-depth interviews with people who had gone through shelter or prevention programs at 9 different Affiliates.
  • This kind of market survey does not have a bias; people who want to respond negatively generally participate to the same degree as those who are positive.
  • These scales will only count as positive highly scored responses; mild or neutral responses detract from scores.


  • 70% of respondents stated Family Promise had a “transformative” impact on their lives. That is an extremely high number for such a powerful concept.
  • 76% are “flourishing” (using the Harvard Flourishing Scale) which again is a remarkable number.
  • The Net Promoter Score was 84. NPS is a useful measure because it subtracts negative and ambivalent responses. The researchers noted that Apple, which is the strongest consumer brand, scores in the 60s. Scores in the 40s are the usual.
  • Prevention programs received a slightly lower score than shelter programs. But the difference is not significant, which indicates that Affiliates are applying the best intervention for a family given their circumstances.
  • Not surprisingly, graduates had the lowest scores for flourishing when it came to finances and health; this speaks to their entrenched roles in poverty and the importance and opportunity in addressing them.

Third-party evaluation has great importance in identifying areas for improvement and strengths to build from.

Thank you so much to the people we served who participated, the Affiliates that collaborated, and to the entire Family Promise community for the transformative work you do.

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