Family Promise Featured By NPR: Two Single Moms Overcome Homelessness

Family Promise graduate Romona

December 7, 2021

This week, NPR published a story highlighting the United States’ affordable housing crisis and its direct link to family homelessness. Families made up about 30% of the homeless population in 2020, and a large portion of those families are led by single mothers who must secure housing and employment all while taking care of their children. An extreme lack of affordable housing combined with the financial and emotional struggles the pandemic brought with it, many women have overcome unimaginable adversity to survive and provide for their kids.

Two single mothers served by Family Promise were among those asked to share their unique journeys into homelessness. With the help of Family Promise, they have found not only housing but a community of support that is there for them as they work toward stability. Maryanne and Romona showed incredible perseverance and resilience and were unafraid to ask for help when they found their way to Family Promise.

Read their stories here.

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