Unemployed in America: ‘It’s Gotten So Much More Expensive to Be Homeless.’

mom and daughter hugging

May 28, 2021

Family Promise Featured in Esquire and Yahoo! Lifestyle
Unemployment Article

This week, Esquire and Yahoo! Lifestyle published an article telling the story of Latrish Oseko and her daughter Ka’laya. Latrish, of Wilmington, DE, found herself facing unemployment and homelessness after the pandemic caused her employer to end her contract. Her landlord decided to sell the building she lived in and her and her daughter moved into a motel until they could afford new permanent housing.

The article shines an important light on the many families across the United States who found themselves facing housing, employment, and childcare challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, Latrish and her daughter were able to find help through Family Promise. But Latrish, who works with an organization that advocates for unemployed workers, has insight into these issues from both personal and professional experience.

It gives me a personal feeling like I’m doing something, I’m helping, I’m not just wallowing in what I’ve been through,” she says.


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