#FPGives19: Gaining Friendship and Family at Family Promise

October 14, 2019

Twenty-two-year-old Cyla seemed to have it all together, but in reality, her life was filled with turmoil. The single mother of three often struggled to make ends meet despite holding a steady job. And she was raising her children in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Michigan – it was the most she could afford, though she hoped one day to move.

Then her mother, who lived in Texas, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Cyla decided to leave her job and home to care for her. She and her children joined her mother in New Braunfels, where several other relatives were already living. Although it was a chance to start anew in a safer environment, Cyla hadn’t anticipated how difficult life would be for seven family members in a two-bedroom apartment.

When she learned of Family Promise of Greater New Braunfels, Cyla saw hope and opportunity. It wasn’t just living space that Family Promise offered her through its emergency shelter program. Cyla received case management, attended parenting and life skills classes, and learned how to manage her finances and set goals.

Family Promise also helped her find a new home, but not until she had met the program’s graduation requirements: Cyla obtained employment, found childcare, and arranged for transportation to get her to and from work, the daycare center, and errands and appointments, all while maintaining an emergency savings account balance of $1,000.

After she and her children moved into their own apartment, Cyla stayed connected to Family Promise for ongoing support and encouragement. Recently, a year since she first entered the program, Family Promise presented Cyla with a donated vehicle. Cyla, who wants to advance her career and is currently interviewing for a new position, is grateful to Family Promise for the assistance and support she received to help make her life manageable, and also for the friendships and “family” she gained during her time in the program.

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.