Keeping It All in the Family

October 3, 2018

Denver-Colorado Springs - Car Share 2

Pictured from left to right: Kat Lilley, Family Promise guest, Charisse Jordan


As the name implies, family    is a recurring theme    at Family Promise: the families who remain together during a time of crisis as they regain stability; the extended    families    guests and volunteers form through the close relationships they develop on their journey; even the family of Affiliates that support one another as they strive to keep children and parents housed and self-sufficient.

Family Promise Affiliates in Colorado Springs and Denver recently    tapped    those family ties to    help a    Denver    household    get back on its feet.

“We had a family    who desperately needed a vehicle,” explains Family Promise of Greater Denver Diversion Specialist Charisse Jordan, who helps families on the verge of homelessness avoid the shelter    system    so they can focus on    case management, education, and more to regain    independence. “[The] mom’s car, which she relied on for work, died.     Without a car, mom’s job – and the family’s stability – was in jeopardy.”
Denver-Colorado Springs - Car Share 1

Jordan    recalled    a    recent    regional Family Promise staff meeting where Affiliates    had    shared updates, challenges, and advice.    She’d learned of    the vehicle loaner program at    Family Promise of Colorado Springs    and    the    generous donor who ensures    every family    in need of    transportation receives    a vehicle    if    they    can sustain    it.

“I figured    it’d    be    a long shot, but    I     contacted    (Colorado Springs Deputy Director)    Kat Lilley,” Jordan    recalls. “You never know!”

Lilley’s response was music to Jordan’s ears.

“We can do this!” Lilley said.

As it happened, Family Promise of Colorado Springs had    an extra vehicle in its fleet.

“It came together    easily,” says    Lilley. “And when the family picked    up their new car, we got to meet them and send    them on their way!”

Affiliates share more than the Family Promise name, Lilley observes,    stating, “We all work together on behalf of the families we serve.”

Jordan agrees and adds, “Obviously, Affiliates share the same mission – keeping families housed. But on top of that, we share information and    experiences    so we can serve our families in the best way possible.”

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