Meet Oscar and Elisa

Oscar and Elisa

December 31, 2021

Oscar knew hard times as a youth in Mexico. When he moved to the U.S. in 1994, he had dreams of a better future. He settled down in Salt Lake City, UT, where his sister lived, worked hard, and eventually started a family. Now grandparents, Oscar and his wife Elisa are raising their four grandchildren.

Then COVID hit.

The latest chapter in their story is a familiar one. In the middle of the global health pandemic, Oscar fell ill and was unable to work. With the subsequent loss of income, the family faced homelessness. But Family Promise Salt Lake’s homelessness prevention program kept the family in their home while the family got life back on track.

“They helped me with rent while I wasn’t working,” says Oscar. “Rent is really expensive here right now.”

Oscar found a new job once his health returned, and Family Promise was able to procure a car donation to replace the family’s old, unreliable vehicle, which made his commute to work much easier. With his housing challenges behind him, Oscar now helps Family Promise Salt Lake with handy work around the day center.

“I’m still in touch with Family Promise. I let them know if they ever need anything, they can call me,” he says. “It was really nice to have somebody there for us when we needed help.”

This year, thousands of families like Oscar and Elisa’s faced life-altering challenges Their situations were unique, but they had one thing in common: Family Promise. Family Promise Affiliates across the country provided families in need with food, shelter, job search assistance, and access to critical resources. But we couldn’t have done it without the support of people like you.

Your support enables families in crisis to turn tragedy into triumph.

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