Family Promise is in the Business of Stress Management

Shaw family

April 8, 2021

TJ never anticipated the chain reaction his health issues would trigger. When he was suddenly hospitalized for an extended period, his family fell behind on rent and their landlord initiated eviction proceedings. Suddenly, the prospect of homelessness became a constant conversation as they worried about the future.

Fortunately, they were able to remain in their home thanks to Family Promise’s homelessness prevention program, A Future Begins at Home and its partnership with Help Us Move In, a national nonprofit that works to keep at-risk families housed. The family’s immediate rent was covered, giving them time to contemplate next steps without the added trials of homelessness.

Family Promise guided Mary and TJ as they prepared a budget to manage finances until TJ was back at work full time. Family Promise also helped Mary reach the decision to return to school for a degree in counseling. Their teenage daughter learned from the experience, as well: she now deposits paychecks from her part-time job into a savings account, spending only the tips she earns.

There’s a cost to homelessness that extends beyond the expense of shelter and rehousing services; the strain families experience takes its toll on every aspect of life. Children suffer the most. Family Promise’s homelessness prevention program provides comprehensive case management, education, and resource development, and other support services to help families in need navigate the crisis at hand without the added trauma of homelessness.

“Family Promise delivered the rent check as the eviction paperwork was about to be submitted,” recalls TJ’s wife, Mary, adding, “But Family Promise gave us more than just money for rent.”

Preventing a family from becoming homeless is the most effective way to address the crisis of family homelessness, and this year families need our help more than ever. On April 21, 2021, join us for Family Promise Giving Day    to raise awareness and funds for Family Promise.

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.