#FPGives19: “Family Promise gave us more than just money for rent”

October 17, 2019

TJ never anticipated the chain reaction his health issues would trigger. When he was suddenly hospitalized for an extended period, his family was unable to afford rent and their landlord initiated eviction proceedings. Suddenly, the prospect of homelessness became part of their conversation as the family worried about their future.

Family Promise Giving Day

Family Promise of Brevard (FL) helped them avoid eviction through its Hand Up initiative, a homelessness prevention program made possible with funding from Family Promise’s partnership with HUMI (Help Us Move In), a national nonprofit that works to keep at-risk families housed. Family Promise covered the family’s rent for the month, giving them time to contemplate the next steps without the added burden and trauma of navigating the shelter system.

“Family Promise delivered the rent check as the eviction paperwork was about to be submitted,” recalls TJ’s wife, Mary. She adds, “But Family Promise gave us more than just money for rent.”

Family Promise helped Mary and TJ prepare a budget to manage finances until TJ was back at work checks from her part-time job into a savings account, spending only the tips she earns.

Hand Up Program Coordinator Eddie White stresses the value of homelessness prevention and notes HUMI funds enable Family Promise to serve families who don’t qualify for other forms of assistance.

“Other programs can be more stringent,” he explains. “For instance, a family with an eviction on their record isn’t eligible for certain supports. Hand Up allows us to prevent many more families from experiencing homelessness.”

Without the worry of losing their homes, families like TJ and Mary’s can focus on regaining stability.

On October 25, Family Promise will hosts it’s first National Giving Day. Community members are invited to offer support and hope to local families. For more information and to make a donation visit fpgives.org

Dial 211 to find more resources near you.