Behind the Numbers

How do we derive the statistics that inform our work and reflect our impact?

Over 1 million served since 1988

As the leading organization addressing family homelessness, Family Promise impacts the lives of tens of thousands of people nationwide each year. That impact is illustrated in countless inspirational stories of success, but it is also reflected in our annual statistics: 200,000 volunteers, 110,000 family members served, 80% of the families we serve in shelter secure housing, and we return $3 in goods and services for every $1 raised.

Behind the Numbers provides in-depth details and citations to document the work behind our results.  Follow the links throughout this page to access the sources of the data presented.

3:1 Ratio (per Affiliate, based on yearly averages from Family Promise census)

Value of Volunteer Time
Volunteer Hours
Volunteer Value
Facility Cost (5-bedroom facility and office space)
Meals Cost ($15/primary meal)
Donated Supplies (diapers, towels, toiletries, etc.)
Skills-based Volunteering
Additional Expenses Donations (childcare, licenses, etc.)
Large Item Donations (cars, housing, furniture)

Total of In-kind Donations

Average Affiliate Budget (Year 1)






110,000 Served Last Year/82% Secure Housing (Family Promise census)

Housing Status 2019


In 2019, Family Promise Affiliates served more than 110,000 men, women, and children.  880 of the families we serve in our shelters secure housing, on average, within 9 weeks of entering the program.

But the majority of the family members we serve are not experiencing homelessness.  Many are at risk of losing their housing and Family Promise prevention services like landlord mediation and rental assistance help them remain in their homes and avoid the trauma of homelessness.  Others have graduated from the shelter program but are still facing the challenges of gaining true financial independence as they work to put their lives back together.  Family Promise stabilization programs are there to offer support:  food donations, transportation, financial capability, workforce development, health and wellness, and many more.

Our comprehensive approach helps at-risk families avoid homelessness in the first place and helps those we have served to create opportunities today that will allow them to realize their potential tomorrow.

200,000 Volunteers Engaged Nationwide

There are 200+ operating Family Promise Affiliates in 43 states.  Each Affiliate is supported by, on average, 25-30 congregations and other organizations providing the volunteers who are the backbone of our work.  Affiliates that have a tracking system for their volunteers often count more than 3,000 in their community.  They provide home-cooked meals, sleep overnight with the families, play Uno with the children, and provide skills-based training such as legal counsel, financial literacy, and childcare.  It is difficult to determine a precise total for those who give of their time and resources, so we take a very conservative approach and estimate an average of 1,000 volunteers per Affiliate, multiplied by 200 Affiliates nationwide, to reach our total of 200,000.


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