Our Impact

The solution to family homelessness exists in every community in this country. Family Promise makes it possible.

Changing Lives

We have provided shelter, meals, case management, homelessness prevention and stabilization services to more than 950,000 family members.


Keeping Families Together

We believe families should stay together—not be separated—during the most difficult times in their lives.


Achieving Success

More than 88% of families in our shelter program find housing in less than nine weeks because of our intensive case management and community support.


Engaging Volunteers

We mobilize more than 200,000 dedicated volunteers who make a tremendous difference in families’ lives—and in their cobaldwin-mommmunities.


Working Smart

For every dollar invested, we return $3 in donated goods and services.


Inspiring Initiatives 

Our volunteers don’t stop at shelter, meals, and support services.  We have created more than 1,700 programs for housing, homelessness prevention, health care, life skills, and mentoring.


Changing Perceptions

We help people understand what life in poverty is like.  Family Promise builds greater understanding of problems — and of solutions.

Join Us

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